Tuesday, May 12, 2009

License / Maintainer / Patent

Hi All,

I am extremely happy to post this mail. Actually I aimnt. But my people are. My company when it started in Bangalore, it used to provide hardware / regular phones to its employees.

These days, the policy changed stating that a regular phone must be provided only to a VP / Manager / Project Manager and not for other employees. Then they started providing software Cisco IP / VOIP Phones to all its other employees.

The problem:

This Cisco VOIP phone was installable only on Windows. But since I am not a Manager (I dont want to be one. It sucks to be one. I am born a developer...and I will die a developer.) and also since I dont use Mr.Bill Gates' OS, I had to get a regular phone or to get a Linux Installable Cisco VOIP Phone.

I searched the net, I searched my office folks for a licensed version but all for vain.

Finally I decided that I create one working for myself.

I used the following softwares -> Wine and Alsa-OSS.

I took 2.5 days and finally could get all the things working fine.

And after that I never ever dreamt in my wildest dreams that I would be told by the Wine IRC that no one has ever tried this for the recent versions of Wine(I got it working for 1.1.20).

So now it is the time for me to register my App and become a sole maintainer for it.


Thanks & Take care all,
Ananth Gouri

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