Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally a YouTube Downloader for my Lenny

Hi All,

I was struggling like hell to download some of the favorite videos from youtube.com. Though I had found some Konsole based tools in Linux, I was never happy with their performance and always wanted for a GUI one.

I even downloaded IMToo's Youtube downloader and configured it in wine - but for vain.

Slowly started forgetting about this requirement when I found out this site - convertube.com.

That interest still persisted and finally thanks to this article
From Linux.com written by Razvan T. Coloja -- I found out a GUI tool called UTubeRipper.

Configuration of UTubeRipper in Lenny:

1. Go to this link to download UTubeRipper UTube Ripper Download
2. After download - you need to check if you have Gambas installed.
3. The site says that it requires Gambas 2.5. But the tool worked with Gambas 2.0 too.
4. Follow the steps given the ReadMe file in the downloaded zip file for more info.
5. Run ./UTube.sh in a konsole.
6. If everything is fine you should get the GUI and then finally download the given Youtube link.
7. The tool worked for me even in my office with proxy enabled. There are no settings for proxy.
8. Since the tool uses wget - if you have given your proxy settings in your konsole using export
command or using the settings in your .bashrc - it should work.

Hope this was useful for you folks.

Let me know.

Ananth Gouri

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