Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sound on both loud speakers and headphones problem

Hi All,

I want to scold myself a lot for not using what I knew long time back... and being careless about the same....

Right the problem that most Ubuntu and Debian users faced was - whenever any sound was played from the distro's outputs - the sound would be heard in both the loudspeakers and as well as in the headphones..

I had seen this problem a long time back and I knew that we had some solutions to the same like using PulseAudio etc... But it would still work if and only if your kernel version was above 2.6.26

But then I had tried configuring pulseaudio but in vain... May be I had not done it properly or dont know...

Today luckily - I got both pulse audio and as well as this dual sound issue solved..

1. I have already written a post earlier as to how to solve the issue of non-playback using the options provided by pulse audio..

2. For the dual sound to work - please install kernel 2.6.32 or higher... (I have written a post as to how to install a new kernel and configure it... Please read my archives..)

Once installed - login to the new kernel and also install gnome-alsamixer through synaptic...

Now open the mixer using the command gnome-alsamixer from the terminal and in its settings.. make sure

1. You set the Master volume to middle
2. You set the PCM level to null

(You have a button to drag the levels - please use it... )

Now put on your headphones and rock... :)


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