Sunday, October 2, 2011

Android Protector

Hi All,

I faced a very weird kind of problem today. I had been to a shuttle badminton tournament and while playing my match - I forgot my phone with my student who is a very good friend too. 

I came back home after losing the match :( and only then I remembered that I had left the phone with him. 

Though I have protected my opening menu screen with a password - my student knew the password since he was playing some games with it all day. 

Though I know my student very well and trust him too... since I was not at the screen - I started getting this feeling of what if he checks my mails, what if sees my messages and many other private stuff. 

He could even check my facebook profile. 

I did not realise and was dumb.. I changed my gmail password with the hope that it has to solve my problem to some extent. 

Ya it will solve your problem to some extent if your facebook account is linked to your gmail account. 

But what if you are using some other email to link to your facebook? 

After an hour or so I got back my mobile intact and I was scolding myself for having doubts at him  but also thought that anybody would get these doubts for a matter of fact and it was not something unusual in me... :)

So back home I tried to see if gmail app opens.. and to my shock it did.. Though I could not refresh for new mails since it asked for the changed password, any one who gets access can search over all gmail mails stored till then. 

It was only now that I wanted a permanent solution to this problem and I searched the market for a protector to gmail. 

Now I am happily using an application called "Protector by Alexander Kosenkov" The free version of this app allows you to set a password for protecting upto 8 applications on your android phone. 

The full version can be purchased on the market for a nominal $1 and removes the constraint put by the free version. 

This is a "must have" app if you are worried about the data you have on your phone. But don't forget to do these things on hand...

1. Set your recovery email before setting the password. This way if you forget the password - the password set will be sent to your email address. Please give a valid email address. 

2. Set some number as the password pin and this can be used to protect any app. 

3. Just click on add before you want to protect any new app. 

In the end don't forget this last step...

Don't buy the plugin before installing and trying out the free app... :)

Last but not the least... Now don't be dumb enough to give this pin too.... ;) :P

Tc and hope you can now safeguard your android phone...
Ananth S Gouri

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