Monday, April 6, 2009

How-to connect to a Unix server using Putty

Hi this would explain as to how to connect to a Unix Environment using Putty in Linux. In particular I would discuss for Debian 5.

Putty is like an interface to connect to servers basically. It supports multiple type of protocols like SSH, Telnet etc.

Download putty from the following link for Debian 5:

Download the putty with version number 0.60.

Rename the file to putty.deb using the below command:
mv putty_some_extensions.deb putty.deb

Then finally install it using the following command and being a root user:
sudo dpkg -i putty.deb

Finally open a terminal and type putty, enter your server configurations and thats it you are done. You can connect to a Unix machine using Putty in Debian 5.


Ananth Gouri

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