Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Indian Developer Summit

Hey All,

Hope that many of my friends who are developers themselves, visit my blog regularly.

This Friday, April 24th -2009,IST, I will be attending the Java Day of Great Indian Developer Summit at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

I am just too excited of this day, that I was waiting for long.

Guess what - we have some great Java Godfathers giving sessions on that day.

Some of these great folks are :-
1. Craig McClanahan - Could not guess who he is??? Ok, he is the founder of Apache Struts Framework. I am planning to attend like 2 to 3 of his sessions. Some interesting sessions being on Cloud Computing, RESTful Webservices, Ruby on Rails and many more.

2. Mike Keith - Ok this is the guy that I am thinking. This great man has written some wonderful books on JPA (Java persistence architecture), and also on EJB. I am hoping this is the same person I am thinking of. You never know that - my dreams may come true if he is the same.

Apart from these folks - there are other major things that are attracting many folks to this whole GIDS events.

Around Rs. 8 lakh worth prizes to be won from the 4 days event which started today and ends on Saturday- the April 25th.

Though I am more interested in learning from these great people of the "World of Java", the last thing for which I am interested and hope to win is ---- The Wiley technical books that are given away after each session.

We need to present a feedback after every session - which would win us these books.

Donno how many I may win???? !!!! ;-)

Hope to meet you fellow bloggers on that day.

Will keep you posted on the updates after that event. Have got prizes for that one too.

You never know as to from where all luck hits you. Ha ha ... ;-) :-)

Take care all,
Ananth Gouri

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