Friday, October 23, 2015

passwd - 2

Dear All,

Continuing from the last post of "mkpasswd"

U folks need to use 'passwd' to change the password.

I can simplify things this way:

Say if your username on a UNIX machine is "telsaT"

and you have this password "test123"

mkpasswd helps you to generate random passwords... Useful many a times when we want to change our passwords on servers frequently...

As the root user - you can issue the command mkpasswd

Then give it as an input to passwd - again a command for which you need root privileges...

Similar to the command mkpasswd - some linux distributions offer a command called makepasswd

The command usage of makepasswd is:

makepasswd - which generates a random password

You can generate a random password of given length - with this below command:

makepasswd --chars 20

You can also generate a series of random passwords with the command:

makepasswd --chars 20 --count 5

Hope this post is interesting to some of you...

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

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