Monday, December 1, 2014

Installing Knoppix on a VM

Hey All..

Download Knoppix by Klaus Knopper at for a price or for free at

Knoppix is a Live CD with loads of software in it.

Burn the iso image downloaded to a DVD/CD appropriately.

Install Virtualbox / VMWare player for your Linux / Windows distributions.

Virtualbox can be found for your OS at

Now... What is it there to install an OS onto a VM(virtual machine)? What is the specialty of it or the big deal in it?

Installing OSes on a VM will allow you to discover more types of distributions.

We learn a lot of things in the process of installation.

Now coming back... Why knoppix?

1. For me its one of the fav distributions of all times.
2. Its huge - consists of so many softwares in it..
3. Its interesting.

Select type of OS as Linux 2.6

Use the DVD burnt earlier or the iso image would do (run as live cd option)

Create a VDI file of around 32 GB min.

Now run the Live CD and allow the OS to load.

Once the OS is fully loaded...

Dont use the Knoppix flash installer tool present on the Desktop but use the menu -> traverse to Knoppix and Install Knoppix to HD software.

Create the file system using gparted tool, format the VDI to reiserfs filesystem.

Allow for the installation to complete..

Hope this was interesting. !

let me know if you face any challenges in between - I shall demonstrate this with snapshots!

Thanks, Tc,
Ananth The Geek!

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