Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010

Hi All,

First of all a very happy new year to all my readers... Cheers :)

Lets hope that 2010 brings about more improvements to Linux and its devices and along with it - let the support for more and more hardware on Linux and let the creation of more utilities and packages for Linux also keep rolling....

Cheers :)

For people new to Linux - go through many sites and books available on the net...

To note some of them:
4. [Specific to Debian Distro]
5. [Specific to Fedora Linux]
5. [Specific to Ubuntu types]
and this list goes on and on...

1. Read some of the Christopher Negus books on some basics and also on specific tasks for a particular distro of Linux.
2. There are many books written on Linux by OReilly,McMillan, Tata McGrawhill publications - read them and many others as well..

Ample number of sites, blogs, free sites, and et al - who provide great info about this OS.

My blog:
I write most of the things specific to Debian and sometimes I add the same for other distros as well.

Where to download the distros:
1. - from here go to the specific distros you want and download them.
2. You dont need a better search engine in this world - till you are alive.. :)

Magazines on Linux:
1. or

And the best: Google is your mother and father of resources in the www world

So cheers to all and a happy new year once again and lets move forward thinking big about Linux and US.

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

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