Saturday, November 21, 2009

96th Post.. Nearing a Century... :)

Hi All,

I never expected that I will cross 100 - now is it fast or this slow??? U have the answers....

Ok let me make this special enough... Lets talk about some security issues....

Topic: Pidgin - with Purple

1. Never ever save your password for any a/c / protocol while you are using Pidgin - before you log in.

2. Please type your password each time - so that you may not have to be hacked..

The Reason:

1. Have you all ever checked - this file - under your home directory - enable to view hidden files and then go to this path - /.purple/
[So if your username is "kitty" - then go to /home/kitty/.purple/ ]

2. Issue this command - from your terminal - "gedit accounts.xml"

3. Read it properly - and you will find your password - for each and every a/c you are now logged into.

A security breach...!!!

Pidgin version I am referring to is - 2.4 and later.


Do mail me in - about this blog... What you like and what you dont...I will try to improve with time... :)

Take care all,
Ananth Gouri

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