Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Problem contacting me.....???

Hi All,

These days - I started getting a lot of Orkut friend requests from unknown people - just for getting some help on Linux related work.

Not that I hate Orkut - but I really don't like it too. May be since I am not social - I don't like social networking sites???? Nope just kidding...

So to avoid this irritating problem [I can't be a friend to Tom Dick and Harry] - I have added a "Contact Me" feature from

Hope by now you understood that - to contact me for a Linux query - do type your query using this widget located below the Counter Linux image.

Thanks for reading patiently,
Ananth Gouri


  1. Hi Ananth, Just to say I visited your blog....

  2. Thanks a ton Doctor. Now I can feel the spirit in you. You dont seem to be just a Doctor. You are a real professional too - I meant a person who can / wants to learn new things, involve in news things and I can conclude that you are a total Geek.

    For all my other readers - Dr. Raveesh - is my newest friend, mentor and professionally a Doctor - well versed in his subject.

    Just imagine - a Doctor and a HOD of Psychiatry department in MMC [Mysore Medical College]- wants to keep in touch with the latest things going in the field of Computer Science.

    You are really great Doctor. I am really blessed to have a new friend like you. Thanks a ton once again.

    One ending note on this Doctor. He has a MBBS, MD, M.PM, M.Sc, Ll.B, PGDMLE, PGDHR, PGDMLS!!!!! Folks I would take 3 lives of mine to read so much.

    Your new friend :),
    Ananth Gouri