Sunday, March 22, 2009

Breathing space for Mulit OSes to boot

Hi All,

Many would have multiple Operating systems installed in your systems. When you install a new Linux or upgrade any OS, you may need to change the default time the GRUB (GrandUnified Boot Loader) has to wait to load the default OS.


If your OS is Ubuntu, login to root or just follow these steps:
1. sudo vi /etc/grub/menu.lst
2. Search for the line Timeout 5
3. Give any integer value you want there, ex 1000 for 1000 seconds
or approximately 17 minutes.
4. Next time you login your system loads GRUB, it will wait for 1000 seconds.
5. There is another section called Default where you can set your default OS.

A post would be post to teach how to install and configure GRUB / LILO. Keep waiting

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